Cozmo in Doggles

Cozmo was the goodest sweetest little bearded collie boy. He had some health issues (megaesophagus), but lived 7 years longer than his veterinarians expected him to. He had a lot of hugs to give out. His happy spirit lives on and gives hugs via this painting of his silly face.


Bengal Cat

Bengal cats have a unique characteristic, commonly called “glitter,” which gives their fur an amazing iridescent look. This painting captures that phenomenon amazingly. The way the light catches on her fur is absolutely exquisite, and cannot be adequately captured in a photograph.

As much as cats like shipping boxes, this kitty wants out of the box, she is framed and ready to hang.

Good Man (Pope Benedict XVI)

This portrait of Pope Benedict XVI was done as part of a study on minimalistic portraiture. Most of the portraits done in this time period were carved block prints, and I decided to take the style onto canvas.