Tri-Color Beech in Late Summer (Evening)

In late summer the pinks begin to lean toward oranges and rusty reds. The sun sets behind you, setting the leaves alight and turning bits of distant sunlit grass into gold in the last fleeting moments of daylight. This painting is in a private collection.

A Gentleman and Scholar

This proper fellow speaks to my feelings of disconnectedness during cancer treatments, a time in my life I describe as “living in robot mode.” I was an automaton; given instructions, I could follow them; told the time and location of an appointment, I could get there. Thinking outside of those parameters was scary. If I thought about planning the next week, I would also think about the possibility of not surviving it. I am fortunate to have a family and circumstances that allowed me this great luxury of mindlessness. The mindlessness was both curiously flat, and yet almost painfully brightly colored.

Buddy Lee

Buddy Lee was Tristan’s brother, and has now gone to the Rainbow Bridge. This painting is in a private collection.

Which Way Now, Spaceman?

This painting is an expression of a feeling of weirdness and isolation while undergoing treatment for cancer. It is in a private collection.


This handsome guy’s mom commissioned this portrait as a gift for her husband. At the end of a long day, after his dad gets comfy in his favorite chair, Winston loves to say hi, and possibly get his ears scratched.


This scrappy guy, Tristan, was my second commissioned pet portrait. Painting dogs with dark fur can be difficult, but the bright lighting helped to bring out the highlights, lowlights, and a bit of the silliness hidden in his stern ears and attentive stance.


I have painted more than one Bengal cat because they are beautiful, exotic, and spirited, perhaps none more so than this amazing beauty. This gorgeous cat was my first commissioned pet portrait. After going through surgery and chemotherapy in the spring and summer of 2016, we decided to throw a party in celebration of a […]

Tri-Color Beech (Series)

On a Friday in January of 2016 I got a phone call from my doctor, “It looks like cancer and it looks very bad, come see me Monday.” That weekend was a monster snowstorm, we were snowed in and I spent the time alternating between sleeping and envisioning what the rest of my life would […]

The Green River Series

While the subject may seem macabre, the intent of the series is not. The goal in painting each of the victims is to get to know each of them in a small way and to give them an image and a presence they weren’t allowed in their short lives. The three below, Wendy Lee Coffield, […]

Royce Gracie

A perfect gift for any UFC or Mixed Martial Arts fan, this portrait of MMA super star Royce Gracie should be on the wall at your next fight watching party.