Winding Ridge

This was the first dollhouse commission where I was given a photo of a house to replicate. The photo showed only the front of the house and I had to use creative license for the interior and back of the house. I decided that I would go with a greatly simplified interior and over time […]

Good Morning Cottage

This was the first of the dollhouses I made in my adult career. During the holiday season, I was blessed to receive many gifts, often in pretty packaging and boxes. One lamp came in a smooth flat black box, with a raised shiny “imprint” of the lamp, and the phrases “Good Morning” and “Good Night.” That box inspired the roof and dormer of what would become “Good Morning Cottage.”

The Big Little Dollhouse Barn

The big little dollhouse barn was started in the spring of 2019 and is a personal obsession that may never be completed. This barn features a stable with a removable divider wall allowing space for one or two horses, depending on size and temperament. Above the stable is a stylish studio apartment featuring huge windows […]