Good Morning Cottage

This was the first of the dollhouses I made in my adult career. During the holiday season, I was blessed to receive many gifts, often in pretty packaging and boxes. One lamp came in a smooth flat black box, with a raised shiny “imprint” of the lamp, and the phrases “Good Morning” and “Good Night.” That box inspired the roof and dormer of what would become “Good Morning Cottage.”

This approximately 1/12 scale dollhouse features “magic” windows (they are not see-through), doors (they do not open), and stairs (they are invisible).  The roof is removable to show off the carpeted upper level. This upper level floor is removable to allow access to the main floor of the house, which features painted brick, wallpaper accent, and wood moldings. The lights are powered by 3 triple a batteries. The power pack has a timer mode, allowing the turning on the lights each day at the same time, and turning them off 4 hours later.